Western Digital

Illustration & Design

In Cooperation with
Roland Sigmond



Illustration for the animated spot for Western Digital. The private cloud solution "My Cloud" is the ideal symbiosis of fast and safe data storage with cloud access anywhere anytime.

296b775c5007a53e73d5f80a (dschuleia-2.local's conflicted copy 2019-10-17)296b775c5007a53e73d5f80a (dschuleia-2.local's conflicted copy 2019-10-17)
fe211c12fe9df56f9b712ad8 (dschuleia-2.local's conflicted copy 2019-10-17)fe211c12fe9df56f9b712ad8 (dschuleia-2.local's conflicted copy 2019-10-17)
Screenshot 2019-10-17 at 16.00.39Screenshot 2019-10-17 at 16.00.39